1. buy local - support yourself

You Buy Local, So Do We!

2. support community groups

We donate at least 10% of profits to Sun Prairie Groups

3. Keep our Community unique

We are one-of-a-kind

4. Reduce Environmental impact

Much of what we buy was grown miles way, not 1000’s of miles away.

5. Create Good jobs:

We have a great crew of long term employees

6. Get Better Service

We know you! (And your dog/mom/drink/etc.)

7. invest in community

Our owners live here and are active in a variety of civil groups

8. put your taxes to good use

Downtowns take less tax dollars to maintain than big town sprawl

9. Buy what you want

We listen to you and our marketing team works on the floor, not in an office in some big city

10. Encourage local prosperity

Successful businesses attract successful people.